1989 Coit Tower Mural Restoration Report

Read the 1989 Coit Tower Mural Conservation Treatment Report, written by Conservator Anne Rosenthal, by clicking here: http://tinyurl.com/85vxvkr

Ms. Rosenthal was commissioned by the city earlier this year to produce a new Coit Tower mural conservation report.

In addition to a very interesting and thorough technical description of the Coit Tower murals and the process of their restoration, Ms. Rosenthal made a series of clear recommendations in her report 23 years ago to properly protect the murals and prevent new damage, such as:

- "the frescoes should be examined on a regular basis, and be reported on in a descriptive manner, at least every six months . . . In this way, recurring building pathologies, vandalism and deposition of surface grime or other accretions can be identified and corrected in a timely manner." (page 19)

- "Regular inspections by a qualified conservator of mural paintings will require an ongoing financial commitment by the City of San Francisco . . . Regular maintenance will prevent major expenditures and will mitigate situations which might lead to irreversible damage of the murals." (page 19)

- "infiltration of water into the mural paintings has remained a chronic problem . . . Therefore, regular inspection of the building, and its known problem areas, must be carried out by a qualified restoration architect." (page 20)

- "A guard or guards on duty to patrol the premises would probably enhance the effort to reduce damage due to vandalism and/or negligence." (page 20)

Unfortunately, the Coit Tower murals have suffered because these kinds of recommendations were not followed. 

Hopefully, this time they will be.

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