Coit Tower Conditions Assessment Report

The May 23, 2012 "Coit Tower Conditions Assessment Report" shows the conditions of the Coit Tower building and murals to be "severe," such as:

- Acute water damage caused by multiple problems
- A roof requiring replacement
- Severe insect problems
- Lead paint peeling from the ceiling
- Asbestos insulation that must be abated
- No barriers protecting many of the murals

The report states that "the current conditions of the frescoes warrants immediate conservation attention" and calls for a "holistic approach" to fix Coit Tower and the murals.  The report outlines more than 100 different recommendations to fix the systemic problems with the building and the lack of protections for the murals that have allowed the damage to become so severe and the situation so urgent.

Download a copy of the report by clicking here.

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