Examiner: SF Democratic Party Endorses Yes on B to Protect Coit Tower

March 18, 2012

Coit Tower measure gains backing of local Democratic Party

By: Dan Schreiber
SF Examiner Staff Writer

A ballot measure aimed at bringing more funding to Coit Tower and limiting private parties at the landmark is getting support from the local Democratic Party.

Listed as Proposition B on the June 5 ballot, the measure gained the endorsement over the insistence by The City’s Recreation and Park Department and the Arts Commission that the proposal is too vague and potentially restrictive.

The measure seeks to “prioritize” money made at Coit Tower for its maintenance and also to “limit” private events, which Rec and Park occasionally allows to raise funds for its network of public parks. Neither policy change carries specific limits.

It’s being pushed by a coalition of neighborhood groups, including the influential Telegraph Hill Dwellers. Backers are concerned about decaying Depression-era murals and general upkeep at the site, which they say doesn’t get enough attention — especially considering the money the 210-foot structure raises through elevator fees and concessions.

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