Urgent Coit Tower Repairs Moving Forward

For Immediate Release:   Wednesday, October 17, 2012                                                                                 

News Advisory


$1.7 million rehabilitation and repair plans to be brought before Historic Preservation Commission today; emergency roof replacement to prevent water leaks will begin on Friday

As emergency roof repairs get underway at Coit Tower this week, city officials are scheduled to unveil a work plan today for a comprehensive series of repairs on Coit Tower designed to fix major problems with the building and prevent further damage to the historic murals inside.

The proposed $1.7 million Coit Tower repair plan that will be presented to the Historic Preservation Commission for review today includes:  cleaning and repair of exterior walls, door and window rehabilitation, interior painting and tile repair, upgrades to mechanical, plumbing and building systems, upgrades to exterior lighting, modification of guardrails and handrails, new accessibility and directional signage, and new barriers to protect the 27 historic New-Deal era murals and paintings inside Coit Tower.

The repair plans follow the approval this June by San Francisco voters of a Coit Tower preservation policy that directed city officials to protect Coit Tower and its murals by prioritizing the funds raised at Coit Tower for preserving the murals, building, and park around Coit Tower and by strictly limiting commercial activities and private events at Coit Tower. 

The four-weeks of work to begin this Friday will consist of the replacement of the existing non-original leaking second floor roof to provide waterproof conditions and the installation of a dense deck, sheet roofing, and sealants.  All work is scheduled to be conducted without requiring the contractors to access the second floor through the second floor mural rooms, which contain fragile murals that have been damaged by construction work in the past.

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